Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(mostly) Catholic Canada

This summer, by visiting a few more churches, I finally completed my Ontario and Toronto sets (at least for now). There are many gems in downtown Toronto, but the prize goes to St. Michael's Cathedral (info). The building is alive with art and devotion in a way that, sadly, many Protestant churches in Toronto are not. But one contender to Catholic dominance is St. Anne's Anglican (info), which is decorated by everyone's favorite North American artist posse, the Group of Seven. Come on now, look at that! (I've gotta work on my white balance).

Strangely, my picture of Trinity Church (made famous from the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions) got drafted for some mapping site called Schmapp. What is that Schmapp?

A trip to St. Marie among the Hurons afforded an interesting attempt at indiginous Catholic architecture. Notice the martyr shrine is an upside-down canoe. There is a remake of the Jesuit mission nearby (the martyr shrine is in the background). There are actual relics of the great Jesuit martyrJean du Brebeuf at both sites. Also, don't miss Tim's priceless comment.

The greatest surprise of the summer, however, was the exquisite church in Guelph (info). But as this site shows, to get the best pictures, it helps to actually live there. Canada too often gets left out of the game, but she's just too good to forget!

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