Friday, December 5, 2008

Upjohn in Maine

First Parish Chruch, Brunswick
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Over Thanksgiving I was reading the world's best Brooklyn guidebook, and I saw that the first church Morrone lists for Richard Upjohn senior is in Brunswick, Maine. (Incidentally, the "untold" Buffalo church viewable immediately below is also Upjohn.)

Fittingly, I happened to be spending Thanksgiving in Bruswick, Maine. So I marched down the street and got some shots, and then snuck in on my way out of town during choir practice for some interiors. Who knew Upjohn worked as well in wood as in stone? And the glorious intricacy of those hammer trusses (I think that's the term) sure do show off the medium.

The statue near First Church is of Joshua Morrison. He lived in the cross-inscribed house across the street.

Incidentally, I like Francis Morrone so much that even I'm considering enrolling in one of his courses. These two sound thrilling.

I was also pleased to discover that nearby beautiful Bowdoin College has a handsome Chapel that is quite central to campus. Bowdoin even goes so far as to suggest that Nature's Laws are God's thoughts. Naturally. Not just nature's laws, however, but even nature itself all began as God's thoughts. Hasn't anyone read Question 15 article 1?

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