Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maine's Charming Summer Chapels

One of the most charming features of coastal Maine is the Episcopal Summer Chapels. Above is St Ann's at Kennebunkport, where the Bush family has been involved in preserving the structure. As lovely as it is, they also use a much larger chapel, below. Some baptismal font, huh?



Browsing through the 18 summer chapels of Maine, it seems that most are what you'd expect, wooden with a cottage feel. But Saint Ann's is stonely muscular. Its weirdness must be derived from H. H. Richardon. It reminds me of the Ames Gate Lodge in North Easton, Mass.,_MA%29_-_general_view.JPG

tim said...

Perceptive observation, Kostis. It is Richardsonian in the sense that James O'Gorman described HHR's method as "gathering an governing" especially at the Ames Monument in Wyoming.

tim said...

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